Top 9 types of hats

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Top 9 types of hats

Let's Take A Look !

Panama Hat

Did you know? Although the name of the hat is Panama, it is actually originated not from Panama City as you might imagine, but rather the original. Born it from Ecuador because the products are exported from South America around the late 19th and early 20th centuries had to be sent to rest. "Isthmus Panama" before it was distributed elsewhere. So it is a reason to be called like that. Panama hats are widespread in First international level on A portrait of President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt wearing a Panama hat. when visiting the canal excavation It came and was printed in the movie. There are many famous print and magazine.

Tips: If recommended that hat is the perfect look. This classic is suitable for a dress up. What kind of style ? I must say that it is suitable for all styles. whether it's street style, casual wear, Go To The Sea, or semi-formal, Smart Casual with your favorite suit. Makes it look cool and classic in another way.


Fedora Hat

The word of “Fedora” actually comes from the title of the 1882 drama written by Victotien Sardou, a French playwright called “Fédora”. It use as a symbol in Movement to claim women's rights
It also expresses the symbol cultural and indicative characteristics And social status as well

Fedora hats are made from a lot kind of materials, including natural materials. Criticism or different types of cloth It can be worn by both women and men. This stylish hat will complement your personality. Click to make the wearer look really cool. Therefore regarded as the It is very popular. If you look carefully, this hat will have similar to a Panama hat, but has a different character At the end of the hat, the back is folded up.

Choosing a matching hat that looks good can match with a vintage double breasted suit, also known as the "Suits double breasted" style, and a sweater, jacket. Or with the look of jeans and makes it feel good another cool style


The distinctive feature of Beret is a flat round shape. Most of them are hand-woven Thus giving a feeling that Comfortable when wearing It is made from many materials such as wool, cotton fabric or synthetic fibers.

Beret has began production in the 19th century in France and Spain. In the past it was used as part b Police uniform Soldier and artist group.

Beret hats in western fashion are starting to It was popular in 1920, but if we go back to the past It is often popular among Aragonese and Navarrian shepherds of the Pyrenees, the first factory to manufacture this hat was Beatex-Laulhere. It is also about working class as well.

Tips: Ladies may think that it is not suitable for yourself. Wearing it out and not beautiful. But let me tell you it's not true ! You just have to put it in the right way, Can be put it in, tilt it left, right, or adjust it backwards. Anyway, just find fashion clothes Good match This will bang.


Newsboy Cap

Is it true that it originated from the "newspaper delivery boy"? Let's go and see ...
This hat is a casual style that is similar in style to a flat cap, but differs in that it has a brim. A of the front part But the body of the hat is round and sometimes has a paneled top button in the center.

Newsboy Cap is very popular in Europe and In North America at the beginning of the 20th century, the wearing groups were young From male to teenagers as the name of "Newsboy" makes most people mistaken for a child delivering newspaper will wear this style hat, but actually they still wear it. in other styles as well, such as Flat Cap and many other styles.

Flat caps are common to put together for North America And Europe in the beginning of the 20th century, which will be described in the next generation.

Tips: Newsboy hats can be worn with a vintage vibe, suitable for casual days, chilling, and can be dressed up in many styles. The girls try to mix and match. It might be chic, as well.


Boater Hat

If translated according to the body is "Boater's hat". It was born during from the the late 19th to early 20th century, the material is made of Sennit straw. It is flat and the brim of the hat is quite stiff, decorated with a ribbons. Various styles are often worn for sailors, but nowadays they are almost not available except as part of the prop. A drama with a story Boating Or at a music show

The Boater hat is also part of the student's uniform. In the past in the school and Various universities With the beginning of “Princeton University” makes it an eye-catcher on the front. Of the famous magazine "Sports Illustrated" in October 1955 and also part of the K Student model in school Many of the top boys like Harrow School.

Did you know? The famous "Coco Chanel" is the one who loves to wear Boater hats and is known as the awakening. It is a popular trend. Among women in the early 20th century who enjoyed fashion until the present Ever

Tips: If you want to see a clearly, please try to imagin about the staff at Harrods. This hat can be dressed up a variety of styles such as smart casual, suit and tie or wear on weekdays as stretch casual pants This just makes it increase the planability. Can be cool.


Flat Cap

This type of hat is characterized by straight The flat shape with small hard brim on the front originates from an island in England. Most of the hat fabric is Made from a blend of wool for a comfortable and comfortable feel. warmth to wear

It began to be introduced in the 1910s to the beginning of the 20th century. And the popularity of silk Many people when there were young Englishmen I was a revolutionary in fashion, thus making it a starting point. Tje popular since that era.

After that, this hat became more popular in America. It was during the turn of the 20th century and it was a time when children started. They are worn to school together.

Therefore, Flat Cap became more popular. In almost Italy And spreading its popularity to all over the world

Tips: The style of the dress is the perfect fit with the look of vintage style is the best, Nowadays can be worn anywhere. Women and men Making it look very fashionable.

Trillby Hat

Simply called in Thailand is "Michael" hat believes that many people may be confused with Fedora hat, which is similar, but the distinctive feature of the Fedora hat. This differs in that the wings are much steeper, the front angled down and the tips. The back of the hat will fold up. With a compact size Fasteners thus making it easy to carry.

The name of the hat comes from a scene of George du Maurier's show in 1894' and was first produced in Los Angeles and London.

In the past, this kind of hat was made of felt, a hat with a narrow brim. Is a favorite of the group The wealthy is sometimes referred to as "Brown Trillby" and is often seen. In horse racing.

Trillby hats were most popular in the early '80s when they were released on the market, making It is popular among retro fashion trends.

Tips: I must say that the Trillby hat is also a very bestseller in Thailand, as it is easy to find Mix a match.

Cloche Hat

“Cloche” is French for bell, which is the shape of a hat. This hat is forr women. It was born in 1908' by Milliner Caroline Reboux and gained great popularity until the 20th century. Women with short hair or tied up This will give a good representation of the look and feature of the hat.

Cloche hat is different in that the ribbons that each person can decorate, whether it is a scarf. Or other accessories To add a unique identity to those who have worn it in the past, it was often worn at dance parties as a prop for social intercourse.

Tips: In this age, if any girls find this Cloche hat to wear on a chilling day or dress up a vintage style I think it will come out pretty cool for sure.


Bucket Hat

We will end each other with the most popular hat in this eraม that is a bucket hat or some people may be known as "Fishing Hat".
But believe it or not? The origin of this hat was not from Hiphop, as many people understand, but instead of Irish origins This fashion has been around since the 1960s and was revived by the street fashion group. It is very popular among fishermen and farmers because it is good rainproof. It became popular with fishing hunters and hikers. As it is easy to carry and clean.

Bucket hats became popular with the rapper in the 1980s and remained a part of the street fashion until the 1990s, Recently it was used as one of the catwalk items after it became known. receive And support from celebs Like "Rihanna" and many others.

Today, this hat is comeback with a street styleใ That looks cool by anyone. Just the shape is outstanding. A person of this size can be matched with a wide variety of obvious styles like hip hop, or a style like Balloon Jeans, it would be cool.


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