Top 5 items of Thai celebrities

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Top 5 items of Thai celebrities

According to the situation that starting to unlockdown opened some places to travel. Some people have plans to go to the beach, work at home, or in the office, Do not serious.

Today, we have content to shering for you.

Did you know about a hat? You don't have to wear it just going to the sea. There has so many peaple inbox to ask a lot that they want to get one hat to be worth, whether going on a trip or on a chill-out day?

Let's go...

The 1st


The hilarious hipster singer "Palmy", who has a distinctive voice and style. Along with the most unique style of dressing must admit the matter of her song and dress of this girl really. Because no matter how you dress, it can still be really beautiful and with the still keep her character in the matter of wearing a hat. It looks awesome all the time.



Noon Woranuch

As a person who already likes fashion so that she makes decision to brought in the "Panama" hat from Ecuador, it is her new business under the @worrabangkok brand Including fashion clothing and accessorise gathered in one place. Any girl who wants to be a shopper, want to take a photo to post on Instagram. I might say that you do not miss!


"Janie Tienphosuwan" นพ "Alpachan Na Pombejra"

Super hot mom! "Jennie", after marriage, has a child, but does not lose her beauty at all, She likes to exercise a lot, but in terms of fashion, it is unbeatable. What will there be? You can hear it from her interview.

Let's start with a "Hat" which is one of the items that are often picked it up. For the days when the girls do not have a time to wash or set their hair. Just grab your favorite hat and wear it just like this and add a chic look like "Jenny".

"Sunglasses" on the day you want to bare your face or lazy to make-up. You will always see a Janie wearing sun glasses, It enough just were a sun glasses.

"Earrings", especially the hoop type, you will see that Jennie always wearing them. Because this earring helps to instantly change her look to be chic.

To top it off, "Perfume" Spell by Janie is the first perfume that has just been launched and she has design of everything to produce by herself. She tooks 5 years to choosed and progress. It suitable for people who like to exercise, so do not be surprised that during this period. That you will see her carry and come along constantly.


"Chompoo Araya A. Hargate"

As everyone knows in the name of "Superstar Fashion Icon" because she is the fashion trends. It must also be raised to be the hottest mom in 2020 as well, Recently she just had cute twins. Like Saifah and Phayu. Eventhough she had to spend time taking care of the twins. It couldn't do anything with her. Because she takes perfect care of herself. She likes to always exercise and with being a fashion leader in dress making it no matter what it takes to look grand Look bang for every look!



“Tan” (@weartoworkstyle)

A famous VLOGGER. It can not deny that the fashion leader in this era, apart from celebrities. A celebrity superstar would inevitably escape from the net idols or Vlogger like "Khun Tan" whether it is posing for a photo or bringing clothes and accessories to mix and match with a simple. She advices a simply that women may be able to approach and seek advice easily. The one of the most important items is the "hat" that you can wear as a prop, whether to go to the sea or wear it with a suit. It makes look super cool, so you can shere your nice beautiful picture on social.


More importantly is do not forget to travel safely together. Ladies


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