Woven hats made from natural materials. Raffia,Straw,Seagrass

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Woven hats made from natural materials. Raffia,Straw,Seagrass

What is Raffia ?

Raffia is the fiber of the palm tree.  Which originated from the coastal valleys of the islands in Madagascar.  The special feature is that it is soft and highly flexible, so it can be folded without losing its shape and quite resistant to use.

What is Wheat Straw ?

Wheat Straw is wheat straw which is a by product after the farmers harvest.  which we see the benefits by being used in the re-produce, creating a beautiful and modern look  instead of being incinerated. It concern about pollution in global warming conditions.

What is Seagrass ?

Seagrass is a unique sea anemone plant that lives and grows underwater.  Grass and reeds are harvested, dried and spun into fibers.  It has a natural color, natural smelling.  These fibers can be made into a variety of products.  It is durable for use.  Its advantages are high quality, inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

For each @cornerhats material is unique and handcrafted with special care by our highly skilled artisans, true craftsmanship.

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